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Posted By Jo-anne S. On 02/04/2016
This business is about the business of substance...

Posted By Tressa B. On 11/17/2015
Hi my name is Teresa me and my boyfriend...

Welcome to Drug Treatment Center Finder. We represent a nationwide network of drug detox and addiction treatment centers. Our primary goal is to connect the individual struggling with addiction to a drug rehab that will help him or her recover. It is our hope that each and every drug addict and alcoholic finds hope and a new life free from the bondage of addiction.

Over 23 million Americans suffer from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. However, only about one in ten ever get the addiction treatment they need and deserve. We know that the problem is large, and that we can only do so much. Yet each addict and alcoholic who is able to find a drug rehab is one more that will be spared the horrible life that comes with addiction. Finding a drug rehab not only allows the addict to recover, but also their family, friends, and all those whom addiction affects.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are chronic, progressive, and fatal diseases. The primary fact for every addict is that they are powerless over drugs and alcohol. Without help, they cannot overcome addiction on their own. However, recovery is available to those who need it! It is possible to come back, no matter how far gone you are. It all starts when you find a drug rehab.

Drug Treatment Center Finder is here to help addicts and their loved ones find the right drug rehab. Our team of professional addiction specialists is always available to help those who need it. With our extensive drug rehab database at our fingertips, we are always able to find a drug rehab based on your individual needs. We are here to answer all your questions, from location to health insurance to which type of addiction treatment you need.

Addiction is heartbreaking, tragic, and deadly. Addicts need help immediately, and they can find it at Drug Treatment Center Finder! A new life and freedom from addiction are just a phone call away!

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